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I still recall that I was very naughty since my childhood and threw all types of tantrums but my mother was always patient with me and there to face my naughtiness & my tantrums. I love my mother the MOST as she is the only one with whom I share a special relationship that I can not have with anyone else.

My Mother is the one who always stands by my side, always teaches me what is wrong and what is right. She is patient, sometimes strict, sometimes lenient but always willing to give me a second chance when I am wrong which makes me humble and determined never ever commit that mistake again. She is my First Teacher, my Best Teacher!

She has solution to ever problem I have since I attract problems due to my being naughty but she handles all tough situations in a very commendable manner and to my satisfaction. I am her pride and she is mine!

She shares all my secrets but keeps them as if valuables have been deposited in a locker whose keys are in the possession of her and me only. We are proud that this trust has never been broken by either of the two.

She doesn't know how to drive but encouraged me to drive by sitting on passenger's seat, when no one else did! I am a good driver because of her faith in me.
She is my protector since my early days of going to school, playing indoor or outdoor and whenever I was in hot water, she always protected me and saved me from any untoward situation and that too without harming anybody's feelings.

The tasks she handles from early in the morning till the end of the day and that too of varied nature is the best example of Multi-Tasking which no processor can match.

I know my mother is always with me whenever I require anything in this world and with all expertise she has.

This post is written for the Godrej Expert Rich Crème– #MyFirstExpert story contest. 


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